The Priceless Investment

After hearing people say, “How easy your job is, just taking pictures…I wish that’s all I had to do,” and, “You make so much money for such an easy job,” it occurred to me that a conversation had to be started.

I love what I do. I think photography is so much fun; being creative, meeting and photographing different events and people. Photographers are artists who are very creative, passionate people. Taking pictures is only one side of the photography business. Twenty per cent is doing what you love and the other eighty per cent, doing everything else. Like any other business, photography is no different.

Our investment with our clients starts at the initial consultation meeting when we begin go to talk about their wedding or event. It is really a great time, explaining what we do and what makes us different from other photographers. Our clients enjoy the one-on-one service and the education that goes into our Art. Some of our clients visit other photographers to shop price and product, but come back to us because of the quality and service we offer.

Before the Big Day, we go over all the details with our client. Our typical wedding/work day is about 12 hours long (and sometimes longer!). Trust me, any 12 hour day is a long one when you are on your feet…even if you love your job!

Once the wedding day is over, the production part of our job begins: downloading images, burning DVDs, editing, retouching all the images that are selected for the collection, designing albums, ordering from the photo lab, putting together orders, and delivery. On average, it takes 40-60 hours to complete production on one wedding.

In addition to just “taking pictures,” we are also running a business that includes: advertising, marketing, bridal shows, answering emails and phone calls, and not to mention the bookkeeping-bill paying-banking-shipping- running errands side of the business. And now, more than ever networking has become a full time job. This is so important to keep your business front and center.

So the next time you see Lighthouse Photography at a wedding, just realize we aren’t just “taking pictures.” We are investing our time and talent to preserve your memories.