Love and Marriage--The Commitment

A Commitment to Love:  Marriage in 2016


            I’m a wedding photographer, have been for my entire adult life.  It’s my career, my joy, and my passion.  I love the whole process—from meeting the couple for the first time and listening to and guiding them through their photographic needs; to the engagement session where I get my first real look at my couple through my eyes (that is, my camera lens); to the pre-wedding day finalization; to the wedding day itself with all its nervousness, adrenaline, laughter, and tears; to the editing stage where everything I and my associates shot becomes real; to the proof pass when my clients see their images for the first time and I see (and share!) their delight; and to the rest of the post production steps.  It’s what I do.

            Over the last few decades, I’ve photographed many, many weddings. What I’ve observed is this:   brides look radiant and grooms become overwhelmed with emotion during their vows.  The commitment to love is genuine.